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My name is Burhanuddin AA. You can call me "Brur AA". I was born in a small town of a province of Indonesia. The name of the city is "Camba", located in the district of Maros, South Sulawesi. a small town in the mountains with beautiful views and has a cool air. Our little town surrounded by towering mountains that are dominated by a number of pecan trees, pine and teak trees and a number of others can be a source of income for the community. The main income of the people in my town is mostly work as farmers, so that our small town is an agricultural town.

I am thrilled with the fishing. It was my hobby from childhood until this time. Formerly, we used to go fishing in one of the big rivers in our small town, called "River Karaja'E" (Karaja'E River). In this river, there are a wide variety of fish that can be fished, such as fish Oreochromis mossambicus, Tilapia, cork fish, goldfish, catfish and some other fish. The tools we use are very simple, just from a long bamboo rod about 3-4 feet with a small rope tied to the bamboo earlier. buoys used were only from the former piece of flip-flops with a size of 2-3 cm. For fish that we can, we usually hanging on a puncture from a guava tree branch. where we tie of the gills of fish into his mouth hole.

Other fishing, I also love to play chess. One brain exercise for me practice patience and practice skills in implementing future strategies that would contribute to my work.

That's all about me and my small town.
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