Human in Siri' Culture of Bugis-Makassar, South Sulawesi

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Siri' is a way of life (Lebensanschauung) containing ethics and distinguishing between humans and animals with the dignity and honor attached to him. Siri teaches about morality and ethics in the form of recommended restrictions, rights and obligations inherent in humans to maintain the dignity and honor.

Siri' is a result of the learning process to the rules that accepting and prevailing in the society. For years, siri applied in society and become the typical culture of  South Sulawesi. Siri' is closely associated with a feeling of shame, a feeling arising from the consequences of the misuse of the dignity and honor.

According to Siri' context above, there are four different kinds of people in the concept of siri culture in South Sulawesi, namely:

1. To Masiri '(To Maega Siri'na)
To Masiri, is a person who has a sense of shame. People who are in every step and their action will always consider the feelings of shame. Shame in this context is to perform an action that is not in accordance with the norms and rules. People who have a character  like this are very suitable to be a leader.

2. To Sitengnga-tengnga Siri'na
To sigengnga-tengnga siri'na, is a person who has a sense of shame balanced with no feelings of shame. People who like this tend to be not proper stance.
3. To Makurang Siri '
To makurang siri ', is the lack of shame. People in this group tend to be concerned with the muscles than brain. But under certain conditions, to makurang siri 'sometimes have a sense of shame as well. but the element of shame in very low levels.

4. To De'gaga Siri'na
To de'gaga siri'na, are devoid of feelings of shame. All steps and actions do not consider aspects of risk. To De'gaga Siri'na make every aspect of his behavior without regard to the prevailing norms and rules in society. Straightforward nature of emotion into its nature.

All four men are in the cultural prototype siri Bugis-Makassar in South Sulawesi describes the condition of social life in South Sulawesi.

(Brur AA, Makassar, November 2012)

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Yes, that is true. and not just in Siri', we can always find the same kind of people in every society. Good day to you!


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