De the industrial and warehousing (industri dan gudang) area with greening concept

Industrial and Warehouse Land Problems often be a stumbling block for entrepreneurs. The selecting of a business area that is less precise, particularly regarding access to the location of industry, in general is a major cause of the rise and fall of a company. The easy way to get access to the site make the company more productive. In addition, working conditions and environmental situation has also contributed to the implementation of the operational activities of a company. The good atmosphere, beautiful, cool and will further spur exclusive employee motivation. Although not directly, but the comfortable and safety factor at work is one of a small thing but considered very important. And the last is the lack of warehouse stock in order to deviate or securing the means of production, raw materials and products. Warehouse is a means of support for the operations of an industry. Industrial and Warehouse are two things that can not be separated. Both should be in line with and support from one another. Strategic industrial area and is equipped with a very adequate warehousing area will certainly make the business industry is more developed and runs dynamically as expected. Of industrial and warehouse (Industri dan Gudang) is like a pond and fish.

One of the biggest developer in Indonesia, PT. Cahaya Sumber Rejeki further unify these three issues in one package (Three in One) and the result is the  The exclusive industrial and warehousing with green concept. As one of the industrial and warehousing (Industri dan Gudang)  in Bandung, Indonesia, De Primaterra comes with the concept of "3-DAHI", i.e industrial, warehousing and greening.
1. "3-DAHI 1", Land Area for Business
2. "3-DAHI 2 ", Area Warehousing
3. "3-DAHI 3", Reforestation Area

Forehead 1 and 2 is a green area that was built for the benefit of Industrial and warehouse land, including the provision of land offices. For this purpose it is on an area of 20 ha ± , more than 126 housing units have been built with flexible design, elegant and modern-minimalism and attend to these factors: durability, comfort and safety. The building was neat on the certain blocks and comes with a forehead 3 and several other supporting facilities, including places of worship. The warehousing and Industrial Estate is going to be the face of the city of Bandung economy.

In order to gain the trust and interest of the investors, De Primaterra offers three competitive advantages include:

1. Free Flood Barriers and Freeway

With the installation of the system folder and levees around the industrial and warehouse area, this area is flood-free areas of business. In addition, the strategic location along Toll Buah Batu and Toll Stone Fruit Gede Bage (2013) makes the freeway which strongly supports the operations of a company.

2. Powerfully, Safety, and Security
Resilience building is no longer in doubt, the quality of the concrete K: 225 and 20 cm thickness makes it strong and sturdy buildings. For the convenience of working in an office building, each building is equipped with full air conditioning and interior design can be adapted to the working conditions of the entrepreneur. Furthermore, in terms of security is guaranteed by one gate system and 24 hour security as well as the placement of CCTV in a number of places.

3. Products
Primary products are land for Office, Industrial and warehousing. Secondary products are greening the existing system.

In order to confront and solve the three problems mentioned above, it never hurts to try to make an investment in the industrial and warehousing in Bandung Indonesia. De Primaterra has provided the best solution to the problems faced by the industry and warehousing (Industri dan Gudang) number of entrepreneurs

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I read your Blog. I found that you providing lots of facilities of warehouse. I also read you are providing ware house on rent. Paying a visit to their ware house is also not a bad idea. It will not only clear all your doubts but will also give you a fair view to look at the place where your final products will be kept. If the place is clean enough and free from rats, termites moulds and seepage.


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