The Recomendation of The congress Kongres Internasional Bahasa Daerah II

The Heaven of South Sulawesi, Sulawesi Selatan,       The congress Kongres Internasional Bahasa Daerah II held on 1st - 4th October 2012 in Makassar South Sulawesi is finished today. What is the decision resulted in the congress? or What is The recommendation of The Congress.
      The congress was attended  by more less 350 participant has been recommended important point for the development of local language especially in South Sulawesi i.e.

1.  Suggested to the government to include the lontara literacy in the board name of instances. It’s only some of government building in South Sulawesi has applied this suggestion before the congress. It could be seen on “pemkot” building and also on the  name of street in Makassar.  Therefore, by the congress, it’s very expected to include the using of lontara on every name board of instances.  This is not only in South Sulawesi but to all Provinces in Indonesia.
2.  Suggested to set the local language as the local content on the curriculum of the educational instances from kindergarten to seniorhigh school.
3.   Recommended to speak local language for a day in a week “ one day on local language”
4.   Recommended a reminder of  mother language day.
5.   Suggested to the mass media to prepare a rubric about local language in South Sulawesi and art ,literature and culture in South Sulawesi.
6.  Recommended the preparation of standard grammar and dictionary of the language areas in South Sulawesi and also the research of local language, inventory and documentation of local language and  literature in South Sulawesi, as well as the revitalization of the role and function of regional literature in South Sulawesi.
       The congress was quite successful. The participants were very enthusiastic in following the congress. This congress was closed by the performance of The Limerick community of Hasanuddin University. One of the great university in South Sulawesi. They could make the participants entertained.
      At the end of congress, H. A. Muallim (The Secretary of South Sulawesi Government) have a great expectation that the recommendation resulted in the congress is not only on the paper but it could be applied to the daily life especially on family surrounding.  He is also apprehensive to the development of local language cause by the declining of their speaker.
(Brur AA)

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