The Language and Sub-Language on South Sulawesi in Terrible Condition

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Few days ago, I met with my friend on a cafĂ© in Makassar. He is a Bugis (Buginese).  He came with his friend from Java. We make a good conversation by using Indonesian Language. Sometimes I spoke on Bugis Language. But, He answered still on Indonesia. I still remember, He said “jangko pake bahasa alien de” (don’t use your alien language?).

The short story above is a description of language condition in South Sulawesi. It can deny that some language in South Sulawesi are in the weak proces  or terrible condition. Some of Dialect and Sub-Dialect will be lost on few years later, like Wotu, Pamona, Limongang. They are sub dialect of Tae or Toraja Language. Beside That, Laloyo Language in Selayar Island, Tombolo in Barru Regency and Dentong Language in Maros, Bone, Bulukumba and Sinjai has been decreasing of their speaker number.  This is an ironic fact that happen in language development of South Sulawesi.

As we know that the Local language is an identity to know where are you from. Wherever we go, the language can show our identity. On the conversation, we can know more about your opponent, like his country, his ethnic and much more.  What do you think if the local society is not spoke in their local language again? Tips and trick about how to learn Lontara and Bugis Language find on this site.

By this reason, Some of Linguist, Culturist and Artist in South Sulawesi will do The Second International Congress  of Local Language in Sahid Jaya Hotel – Makassar, 1st October 2012, today. The primary speaker on this congress is The Education Minister of Indonesia, Muhammad Nuh and The Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo. The others speaker is the linguist from well-known university in Indonesia, included Local Linguist of South Sulawesi. This congress will also attended by the speaker from Japan, Chine, Korea, Australia and America. It purposed to adopt their way to take care of their local language.

The main topic of this congress is “to review all problem concerning about the care of local language and its lesson way” included the explore of the noble value in local art and language.  This first congress held on 2007 ago. It’s result 4 recommendation. (1) the making and The determination of rule about the revitalization, dependence, and the development of Language and Literature in South Sulawesi, (2) supporting the development and the research of Bugis-Makassar Lontara, (3) The forming of Language and Literature Council in Province and Regency Stage, (4) The Act of The Proud to speak The Local Language (Gerakan Bangga Berbahasa Daerah).

What will be decided in this congress?

(Brur AA, Makassar 2012)

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