Four Cultural Concepts of Siri Bugis-Makassar in South Sulawesi

The Four cultural concept of Siri Bugis-Makassar in South-Sulawesi is Honesty, Courage, Wealth and Ingenuity. The society of Bugis-Makassar who understand the concept would feel ashamed to lie, feel ashamed to be not brave, feel ashamed to have no wealth, and feel ashamed because they are stupid.

A. Lempu / lambusu (Honest)

Lempu '(Bugis) or Lambusu' (Makassar) is to have honesty or trustworthy. Honest man is one who given a trust, he abused the trust.

Fairness in this context are:
1. Matutu (Bugis) or tutui (Makassar): work with meticulous, careful and cautious in every movement and step.
2. Gello pau-pau Na (Bugis) or baji bicara (Makassar): having spoken words and good manners and polite or always speak a kind word, polite and not offend others.
3. Gello gau-gau Na (Bugis) or anggau baji (Makassar): have a good act in accordance with the prevailing manners in public or always perform acts that do not violate the norms of society.
 4. ajjama tongeng-tongeng (Bugis) or kuntu injeng (Makassar): work with passion and has a great responsibility towards his job.
B. Warani / Barani (braveness)

Warani (Bugis) or kabaraniang (Makassar) is a daredevil trait possessed by every human being. Have the high courage to do something in accordance with the principles of truth and honesty.

Courage in this context is divided into several sections, namely:
1. De na matau ripariolo (Bugis) or tammallakki nipariolo: always want to be in front or not afraid to be a pioneer.
2. De na matau riparimunri (Bugis) or tammallakki nipariboko (Makassar): always give a chance to others who are better than him or not afraid to put in the back.
3. De na matau mengkalinga kareba (Bugis) or tammallakki allangngere Kabara (Makassar): can accept criticism and suggestions from other people, have a soul and a great curiosity, and can receive the good news and bad news.
 4. De na matau ammita bali (Bugis) and tammallakki Accini bali (Makassar): brave to the face of opponents both in negotiations and fighting spirit, and has a firm and consistent.
C. Asugireng / Kakalumanyangang (wealth)

Asugireng (Bugis) or Kakalumanyangan (Makassar) is related to :
1. Wealth of mind or imagine and filled with the spirit of creativity (teccapuri akkaleng (Bugis) / tamakkurangi ri-nawa nawa (Makassar)),
2. Wealth of knowledge (Sugi ada-ada (Bugis) / ri bali temmakkurangi ada (Makassar)),
3. Proficient and skilled for any type of work (Masagena risininna jama-jamang (Bugis) / ri singkamma Masagena gau (Makassar)), and
4. Having sufficient capital or wealth (Masugi Warang-mparang (Bugis) / ri singkamma temmakkurangi pattujuang (Makassar)).
D. Amaccangeng / Kacaraddekang (intelligence)

Amaccageng (Bugis) or Kacaraddekeng (Makassar) is quickly understand the nature of things, be responsive to the response. Intelligent people have a great curiosity. Intelligence can bring a person to distinguish what is good and what is bad.

(Brur AA, Makassar, October 2012)

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