Camba, Maros Regency: In The Lightening Crisis

The Heaven of South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, sulawesi selatan, southsulawesiarticles.blogspot.comIt’s very undisputed that Camba as a center of Camba District and also as a province  traffic route in South Sulawesi, it is on a illumination crisis.  The Light as the source of  street lighting  is more on unused condition and it seems to go unpunished. In some place,  It is on critical condition. It is quietly very dark without a lighting.

This is contradictive with the reality. Desa Patanyamang as a part of Camba District in South Sulawesi had been out from the darkness circle which enveloped it for several years. They succeed to establish an electrical power by the effort of their society. On the other hand, Camba  as Capital District with an enough facility  falls on the darkness situation. The lamp  facility of the road is only a mere decoration.

Camba is a city with not quite wide. The housing pattern which suite with road pattern is only about 2 km for the long. From the beginning to the end, it’s at least 20 the light on the right and left side of the road. But, the number of lamp is still punctuated can calculated by finger. There are only
4-5 lamps which still active. It can be found in front of policy office, hospital, mosque Al-Jihad and Al-Amin and also in front of  military office in Camba, South Sulawesi.

We can deny that the lamp facility which still active only found in the general facility like said above. In some places such as in the heart of the city, surrounding the field of Andi Baso Camba, SMP and SDN Camba  and some other places is on dark condition. This condition is very terrible. The source of light is only coming from the lamp of residents reflected from their front porch.

With a makeshift lighting conditions, it is feared the occurrence of acts of bullying and other criminal action to the motor vehicles and four-wheel drift in this area. Especially in certain areas who did not get the lighting source.

These conditions are of long standing. Camba like a ghost town at night, city in the lighting crisis. The city is synonymous with darkness. The town is perhaps always yell to show his face at night, but its crying is only caught up in the throat. City where the moon and stars can smile beautifully.
(Brur AA, Oktober 2012)

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It's good to learn something about your place..That is great, a place where moon and stars can smile beautifully!


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