South Sulawesi Profiles (South Celebes) in Indonesia

South Sulawesi,
South Sulawesi Geography
South Sulawesi located at 0 ° 12 '- 8 ° south latitude and 116 ° 48' - 122 ° 36 'east longitude. Its area is 62.482,54 km². Administratively, The Province of South Sulawesi boundaries: Northern by Central Sulawesi province, western by Makassar Strait, eastern by Gulf of Bone (Teluk Bone) and southern by the Flores Sea. Its area, 62482.54 km2 (42% of the entire island of Sulawesi and 4.1% of the whole area of ​​Indonesia). South Sulawesi has a strategic location in eastern South Sulawesi in Indonesia, and allowed to function as a service center for both the Eastern Indonesia as well as to an international scale.
South Sulawesi Population
Based on statistics from the "South Sulawesi in Figures 2011", published by BPS South Sulawesi (Central Bureau of Statistics, The Province of South Sulawesi). Total population (listed) are about ± 8,034,776 people, with distribution by sex as follows:
Male    3,934,431 people
Female 4,110,345 people
South Sulawesi in Tribe/ Ethnic
There are 4 (four) dominant ethnic group in the area, they are Bugis, Makassar, Mandar, Toraja, In addition, there are also other tribes such as Duri, Pattinjo, Bone, Maroangin, Endekan, Pattae and Kajang/ Konjo.
South Sulawesi Language
The language are used:
  1. Makassar Language (Makassarese): Makassar and surroundings, included Gowa, Sungguminasa, Takalar, Jeneponto, Bantaeng and Bulukumba.
  2. Bugis Language (Buginess): Bone, Pinrang, Sinjai, Barru, Pangkep, Maros, Pare Pare, Sidrap, Wajo, Soppeng and Enrekang. This language is the predominant language in use by the people of South Sulawesi.
  3. Tae' Luwu Language: Luwu, Tana region, Siwa, Kolaka Wajo, South East Sulawesi
  4. Toraja Language: Tana Toraja and surrounding, for Mandar Ethnic who lived in the province of West Sulawesi: Mamuju, Polewali Mandar, Majene and North Mamuju.
  5. Duri Language, is one of the Austronesian languages ​​in South Sulawesi in the group Massenrempulu dialect. Among the group Massenremplu Language, Language Duri have a relation with the Toraja language and the language of Tae 'Luwu. The Speakers spread across the north of Mount Bambapuang, Enrekang to the border region of Tana Toraja.
  6. Konjo Language, divided into two kinds, Coastal (living at the southeast corner of the south island of Sulawesi) and Mountain society (living at the mountains of southeastern Bawakaraeng)
South Sulawesi in Religion
The majority of the population is Muslim, except in Tana Toraja and other parts is Christian. There are also Hindu / Buddhist for Tionghoa Ethnic.
South Sulawesi Government
Five years after independence, the government issued Law No. 21 of 1950, which became the basis of the legal establishment of Sulawesi province. 10 years later, the government issued Law No. 47 of 1960 authorizing the establishment of the South and Southeast Sulawesi. Four years after that, through Act No. 13 of 1964 to separate government from South Sulawesi. Finally, the government of South Sulawesi split into two, based on Law No. 26 Year 2004.

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