Cangke-Cangke, The Traditional game in Camba, South Sulawesi

cangke-Cangke, Traditional Game in South Sulawesi, The Heaven of South SulawesiFrom the name, of course it’s unusual on your hear. And maybe, one question will be appear on your mind, “What is it? What kind of This?”. This is a game that we were usually play on my childhood. This game is rarely to play at this time, and maybe it has been forgotten. In South Sulawesi, especially in Camba (One District of Maros Regency), this game was popular on period between 80 – 90 century.
This game is played by 2 team, one as hitter and the other as catcher. It’s only using two sticks with different size and a hole on the ground. The first stick is about ±30-40 cm and used to hit the other stick. The second stick is about ± 10 cm and used as the beginning to calculate a point with both diameter ±1 cm. I remember that we make or used a stick from The guava tree branch.

The core of this game is how to get 100 points firstly. The point is calculated from the short stick to the hole on the ground using the long stick. How many times of the long stick before get the hole, it is the point for the hitter If the hitter can make a double hit (make 2 hit or more before the short stick fall to the ground) the short stick used as measure tools. The other team that can
cangke-cangke, traditional game in south sulawesi, The heaven of South Sulawesicatch the short stick is given: 5 point if he catch using 2 hand and 10 point for one hand. The game is rolling if the hitter side makes mistake or the keeper (catcher) can catch the stick. The team who collect 100 point firstly is the winner of the game. For the looser team, They punished by Maddengnge. This punishment is start from the hole to the short stick that hit using mappepe I (read below).
This game consist of 3 stages:
Cangke-Cangke, traditional game in South Sulawesi, The heaven of South Sulawesi(1) Maccungkili (to poke). The short stick put on the hole horizontally, in front of the long stick that “hold” by The hitter vertically . The End of the long stick is move up hardly to make the short stick floating as far you want. If the keeper can not catch this, he must throw the short stick to the other stick that putted on the hole horizontally. If get the target, it’ happen a rolling. The hitters become Keepers and The keepers become hitters. If not get and there are a distance between the short stick and the hole, it can be a point for the hitters team.
Cangke-cangke, the traditional game in south sulawesi, The heaven of south sulawesi
(2) Mappeppe I (hit). The both sticks are hold by one hand. The short stick is floated to the air and the other stick used to hit the floating stick as far he can. The different with the first stage is the hitter stick is not putted again on the ground but it was used to hit back the short stick that throw by the keeper team. At this stage, the hitter can make the double hit.
 cangke-cangke, The Traditional game in south sulawesi, the heaven of south sulawesi(3) Mappeppe I (hit). The different of this with the second stage is the short stick put in the hole slightly leaning forward. The end of the stick is hit to make it floating to the air, and hit again to the long. If The keeper can not catch it, the distance directly be a point for the hitter team.
That’s about our traditional game that we called cangke-cangke. Do you interested to play it, now?

(Brur AA, Makassar 2012)

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