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Camba, is one of the districts as well as the city districts in The Province of South Sulawesi, Regency of Maros. Its area is about 145.36 km2. Located in the middle latitudes around 340 km from the sea surface. The capital of this district, surrounded by green mountains, Mountain Macconggi row. It has a cool climate and high rainfall.

Camba district boundaries are:
Northern                      : District  of Mallawa, Pangkep Regency
Southern                      : Bone Regency
Western                       : Bone Regency, District of Mallawa
Eastern                        : Pangkep regency and District of New Cenrana

System of government headed by a district. Camba territorial consist of 2 and 6 Villages Village as follows:
1. Cempaniga
2. Cenrana
3. Bentengnge
4. Mario Pulana
5. Patangnyamang
6. Pattiro Deceng
7. Sawaru
8. Timpuseng

The Heaven of South Sulawesi, SouthSulawesiArticles.blogspot.com
The Heaven of South Sulawesi, SouthSulawesiArticles.blogspot.com Livelihood
The main livelihood of the population in most of the region is as a farmer. Besides farming, there is also a living as farmers, plantation, and the Civil Servants (called PNS) and the self-employed. As agricultural region, this area is supported by the high rainfall. Although the agricultural areas in the district in part this is the kind of rainfed lowland, particularly in Cenrana, Sawaru and others. However, they do harvest two times a year. This is supported by the successful irrigation system built in the region. Agricultural products produced from the fields and farms are rice, corn, watermelon, tobacco, various vegetables, and so forth. Meanwhile, most dominant forest is hazelnut. Approximately 90% of the forests in the district area is overgrown with pecan trees. In forest areas, there are also a variety of wildlife and rare plants such as orchids.

The Heaven of South Sulawesi, SouthSulawesiArticles.blogspot.com Religion
Approximately 99% of the population in this district are Muslim and 1% Christian. Worship building especially for Muslim is the Mosque of Al-Jihad Camba and Al-Amin Mosque located in the district of Camba. Al-Amin Mosque is the oldest mosque in the districts.

The language used in social life is Bugis with special dialect that gives typical for local communities. The language / dialect used is similar to the dialect Bulukumba, Bulukumba Regency in South Sulawesi. There are also language “Dentong”, similar to Makassar language, generally used in the village of Ara and Bengo (Now Sign In New Cenrana District).

Existing education facilities, Elementary Schools i.e SDN 1 Camba, 2 Tobonggae SDN, SDN 3 InP. Cempaniga, SDN 4 Tobonggae, etc. Junior High School i.e SMP Negeri 1 Camba. There is also SMP Muhammadiyah Camba. Senior High School i.e SMA 1 Camba, SMA Muhammadiyah Camba. Existing universities are the Open University Camba.

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